If you are looking to sell, we can pay cash for your home and close in 7-10 business days. We can help if your home is in foreclosure, or if you’ve fallen behind on payments and are interested in a short sale. A short sale is an excellent solution because you can recover from bad credit within 2-3 years and may be able to qualify to buy a home again within 24 months. There’s no foreclosure attached to your name or social security number. Most importantly there’s no Deficiency Judgement filed against you because the bank is agreeing to take a loss by accepting the short sale! We’ve helped homeowners in foreclosure that were afraid the bank would try to recoup their losses from a short sale by targeting the homeowner and this simply does not happen. In addition, some times the bank will even help you by providing relocation funds. Our team of specially trained real estate agents and short sale specialists can work with you to assist you in finding a new home in the same community you’ve been in for years, as well as help to repair your credit and plan for buying again one day in the future.
We don’t just help homeowners undergoing foreclosures. If you’ve inherited a home from a relative, and it hasn’t been properly maintained we can help. If you’re going through divorce and want to quickly and discretely want to have your property sold, in some cases we can buy it directly from you. If you’ve been offered a job and need to move, but you feel tied to your home we’ll buy it. If you have nonpaying tenants or you’ve been away and found your home has fallen into disrepair we’re may also be able to purchase the home.
In the event your home does not match what we are looking for as an investment property, we have a network of professional and experienced licensed real estate agents that will work with you to get your home sold for as much as possible! Be aware that selling traditionally through a real estate agent can be a time consuming and costly process. Please be very vocal in any time constraints you may have so that our team may work to manage your expectations and provide you the attention and help you need.
Our short sale services and consulting are free to the homeowner!
Criteria: Proof of Ownership such as your photo ID and most recent mortgage statement


For the average home buyer, they are unaware of the options available to buy a home. For First time Homebuyers there are incentives and specialty programs tailored for you by the United States government. In order to qualify for a mortgage, you require lots of documentation and on average it can take anywhere from 45-60 days to close.
FHA mortgages usually require a minimum of 3.5% down payment to purchase along with closing costs.
VA has programs that can require no (0%) down payment and may even finance some of the closing costs for Veterans. This means you hardly have to have any cash on hand yourself and in some cases you’re exempt from paying property taxes on your primary residence for the entire time you own your home.
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are also great programs for homebuyers, but usually require a larger down payment. They have 3% down options as well as down payment assistance programs but these vary based on state, location of property, your financial situation, credit history, and more.
Criteria: 2 Years Most Recent Tax Returns, 2 Years Most Recent W2/W9 or 1099, 1 Month Most Recent Bank Statements, Minimum FICO score: 640+ (depending on the program)

We even have something for the investors who find your way to our site. Our partners in the Hard Money Lending (HML) sector, have flexible programs and competitive rates that can assist and benefit any investor whether you’re new to real estate investing and purchasing your first property, or seasoned and well experienced in the realm of buying, selling, renovating, or holding rental properties. Typical government sponsored entities such as FHA and Fannie Mae will only permit you to have a maximum of 4 properties in your personal name with mortgages attached. They also require full tax returns, income statements, and in some cases up to date appraisals on each property. These entities also have stipulations in which you cannot flip a property within a certain time frame of taking ownership or you’re penalized with a LARGE capital gains tax against your income.
Our partners offer financing to corporations or your LLC, which insulates you against the FHA/Fannie-Freddie guidelines. These are short-term business loans against residential properties. The terms range from 6 months to 18 months, but on average are for approximately one year. This gives you ample time to rehabilitate a property you’ve found, get it back on the market and flip it quickly for a decent profit. Depending on your situation, we have a specialist that handles 1031 Exchanges for investors that use these profits from real estate investment to acquire other properties.
We can lend up to 90% of contract price to our most qualified investors and finance up to 100% of construction costs. What that means is, once you’ve begun renovations to the property, if your financing situation includes a repair draw, you can have funds wired to you upon the completion of some of the work! This frees up your capital to invest in other deals, or handle any unforeseen expenses that arise with every project.
If you’re an investor that’s already in the middle of a Hard Money loan, we have programs that can refinance you out of your current short-term loan into a more long-term vehicle for as long as 30 years. Usually these are great for investors who buy properties, renovate them and later hold them for rental income. Primarily this platform is for 1 to 4 family residential units.
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Criteria: No Min. FICO, Proof of Liquid Funds, Photo ID, completed lender application (lender may request more documents)