About Us

Khorin Neighborhood Development Corp (Khorin Group) is a grass roots, close knit network of Real estate agents, mortgage banks, Hard Money lenders and real estate investors.
Our services are specially tailored to help homeowners looking to sell, aid investors in financing their next real estate project and even fully qualify prospective homebuyers to make the purchase process as seamless and easy as possible!

Homeowner Assistance
For Homeowners, we are “cash” buyers and can close on your home in an average of 7-10 business days from a walkthrough inspection. Cash in the sense that when we close, there is no traditional mortgage qualification because we use our own capital to ensure fast closings. Our primary goal in these situations is to help homeowners undergoing the foreclosure process, or those who have inherited a property they didn’t expect or prepare for. Many times there are unforeseen expenses with acquiring or owning a home. We can negotiate short sales, purchase your home prior to the foreclosure auction date, buy troubled assets with nonpaying tenants, vacant or abandoned homes, and even homes with tax liens or mechanics liens.

Aspiring Homebuyers
Our network of licensed mortgage professionals have been in practice for over 20 years. Each specializes in current market programs with reasonable rates and full qualifications can be done during the same business day. All of the mortgage lenders we are affiliated with are licensed by both the Federal Government and local state ordinances. They experienced in low down payment options as well as VA programs for veterans and even financing in rural parts of the nation. Let one of our mortgage professionals assist you today!

Investor Perks
A benefit of our service for our fellow real estate investors are the diverse programs we offer in terms of financing. We’ve partnered with several Hard Money lenders that have simple qualification parameters that prefer to lend based on asset and track record more than FICO score. Our specially selected network of hard money lenders can finance your next fix and flip project or even properties you intend to purchase and hold long term. They offer competitive interest rates for short term financing between 6 to 18 months and even have long term take-out options that have fixed rates for as long as 30 years!

Ask us about our referral platform and how you could get started generating extra cash for helping us close more deals, or fill out our simple referral form.