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Professional Services

If you are exhausted from searching “How to Sell My House Fast”  and have gotten none of the genuine results to sell your house fast in New York? You’ve found the perfect place. We buy houses in the greater New York City Area, and specialize in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. We promise to give you a professional and personalized experience every step of the way.

Skip The Traditional Home Selling Hassles

Let us help you skip the traditional home selling hassles so you can get excited about what’s next. No more agents. No more Open Houses. No more Fix Housing Violations. No Costly Repairs or Upgrades! We help home owners to get the cash for homes in New York just like you in all kinds of situations. Sometimes you want to get cash for keys quickly, with as little stress as possible.

We understand that you’re too busy to prepare your home to sell on the market. Staging your home, or upgrades to get the maximum value can be costly and time consuming. Why list with an agent when you can sell directly to us?

Simple Process

Selling to us is a simple process. Provide us with the address for your home or property you’d like to sell. Meet us for a walk through inspection so we can do our due diligence. We present you an offer either on the spot, or 24 hours later in writing. This offer carries no obligation, mind you! If the price works for you, we have you consult an attorney and then we schedule a closing. Simple! No real estate agents, no multiple buyers intruding on your home, time, or privacy and no hassle!

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